Netflix has finally released its new horror film “Wounds,” starring Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, and Zazie Beats in titular roles. The new Netflix horror film is leaving viewers ‘flushing phones down the toilet.’ Wounds, starring Armie Hammer, Zazie Beetz, and Dakota Johnson, is a psychological horror movie written and directed by Babak Anvari. It is based on the novella ‘The Visible Filth’ by Nathan Ballinger

What Is The Film About?

The film follows Will (Hammer), a bartender that works at a rundown and cockroach-infested bar known as Rosie’s in New Orleans. Will spends most of her time on the job hanging out with Alicia (Zazie Beets) and her boyfriend Jeffrey, and a man named Eric, who gets pretty aggressive when drunk.

One night, a fight breaks out in the bar in which Eric gets stabbed in the cheek with a broken bottle, and all hell breaks loose in the bar. Meanwhile, a group of college students who are also at the location film the entire incident on their phones and quickly leave the bar after the fight settles down. When everything quietens down, Will discovers one of their phones, takes it home, and begins the curse of Wounds.

After unlocking the phone, he begins to receive strange messages from a boy named Garrett, who says he’s being followed by something, and he has no idea what it is. But Will casts the phone aside. However, he awakes the next morning to find more messages, including a photo showing teeth spread over in a pool of blood. Will drops her girlfriend Carrie ( Johnson) off at College and begins to suspect that she’s cheating on him

From the interactions between the two, it’s clear that they aren’t compatible with each other. Carrie seems to continuously mock Will about his job as a bartender, and we get the impression that Will is stuck in a toxic relationship followed by a meaningless career, which is leading him to be unhappy most of the time. Will then visit Erik to check upon him. But he discovers that the wound on Erik’s face is starting to get infected and suggests he undergo immediate treatment. But Erik refuses to experience any treatment whatsoever.

After receiving another message from the students telling him to inspect the phone once more, he notices some photos of a severed head and a video of a severed head being surrounded by cockroaches that seemingly has a hand popping out from one of the wounds in it.

Will shows it to his girlfriend, and in the back of the photo, they discover it is a book named “The Translation Of Wounds.” After calling Garrett and hearing nothing but screeching, strange things begin to happen in Will’s life. These include shadows that appear and disappear in Will’s apartment and horrifying hallucinations that haunt Will. Will gets rid of the phone, but that doesn’t get rid of the curse, which has now fixated itself onto Will’s character

New Netflix Horror Movie “Wounds” Has Users Flushing Their Phone Down The Toilet As Possessed Mobile Drives Couple To Insanity

This offers a pretty interesting premise and is different from everything we’ve seen so far in the horror genre. However, Wounds fall slightly when it comes to the execution of delivering satisfying answers. But they are still many parts in the film filled with the creep factor and can give you chills and nightmares.

The movie then becomes more about Will accepting his ideology and embracing it after his life begins to fall apart. One of the college kids informs Will that he is chosen, and they slowly start to stalk him. In addition to this, Will hallucinates cockroaches almost everywhere, and they slowly begin to infest his life.

After making a move on Alicia, Will tells her that he wants them to be together. However, this is rejected because Alicia says she still loves Jeffrey and Will ends up going back to his car, where he receives from Carrie that further pushes his paranoia. Will also hallucinates Kara in his home who informs him that he is the perfect vessel

As the film progresses, Carrie tends to become more and more distant, whereas Will’s hallucinations keep on increasing. Will also gets into a fight with Jeffrey over the incident he had with Alicia. After receiving more strange messages from Carrie, Will goes home to discover Carrie transfixed on something on the computer. After trying to get her attention, Will finds that Carrie is entirely unresponsive, and only after almost drowning her does he manage to get her out of this state

What is The Curse?

After tackling the shadows and the hallucinations, Will decides to dig deeper into the things that are going on. He finds that the college students have been dealing in the occult, and they have brought forth something terrible from practicing things laid out in The Translation Of Wounds.

The book describes an ancient belief system that requires its followers to reject the material world to have a deeper connection with the spirit realm. In this spirit realm, there exists a dark God that calls forth creatures known as Aons that can interact with humans and act as a bridge between the two dimensions

While researching the book, Garrett and his friends tired out a few rituals such as summoning creatures from three wounds, which is why they were carrying out traditions on decapitated heads as they needed something which was once alive or is alive, so that the ritual would work, the ceremonies can only exist through pain and flesh which is why the students became fixated on Will, Erik, and so on.

Suffice to say those who have already watched the film had strong reactions if social media is anything to go by. Netflix has been upping its horror offering in the run-up to Halloween, recently dropping Eli, a film about a boy with an autoimmune condition who is locked up with ghosts.


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