So basically everyone wants to stay healthy and fit, but we all hate to follow the rules for a healthy living. It’s just not some people, but almost everyone procrastinates at least some day when we talk about exercising, good health etc.
As this is very difficult for some people to follow within a single day, I created a 5-Day Health Challenge. I am sure this will help lethargic people (including me) to at least follow some simple tips to turn healthy. These tips and challenge isn’t something very tiring and following it is very easy, they’re just a bunch of simple small challenges which you have to try everyday.

  1. Drink more Water
    So, personally I usually drink less water than an average person should drink, thus this challenge was very much helpful for me for maintaining my health. First, the cons of drinking less water, dries up your skin, cause tiredness, cause health problems and the main thing is drinking less water could cause kidney failure. To avoid this just try drinking a little bit more water than the usual and then increase the amount of water each day. I would personally recommend to drink 2-3 glasses of water just after waking up, as many of us usually forget to drink water while we’re busy an this results in less water consumption which could be harmful.
    You can also set a reminder on your phone or device which would remind you to drink water. I too have an inbuilt system in my phone which reminds me to drink water in every hours. This is actually the easiest challenge, so try to change the amount of water you drink and increase it.
  1. Get on one Sleeping Schedule
    Staying up late and then waking up late makes me feel genuinely tired and lethargic. This is not a myth, but waking up early always makes us feel fresh and energetic. And especially when you are a working person/student it is important for you to take rest and by rest I mean adequate rest. Try to sleep early around 10 at night so as to you wake up early and fresh. Waking up early in the morning also helps in being fresh and completing your work and chores at time.
    Sleeping early only does not help in keeping your internal self healthy but also gives you a glow up when you wake up in the morning. It reduces dark circles around your eyes and you wake up healthy and instantly feel healthy. Sometimes sleeping too much and waking up late puffs up my face too.
  1. Get on a Low Carb Breakfast
    Consuming heavy breakfast in the morning could make you feel tight, bulky and could be tiring sometimes. And if you’re a basically a daily work person or a student you mostly would have fixed schedules for eating. Thus eating heavy breakfast followed by a heavy lunch isn’t a great combo, and is infact unhealthy.
    Eat high carb breakfast so as to you stay put till 11. Also eating tons of different varieties of food in the morning could help you gain some pounds, that’s why try to change to food habits to eating egg, cereal, milk etc. These foods are healthy as well as they aren’t bulky, they would make you feel light but also full.
  1. Eat two healthy snacks a day
    Eating healthy snacks makes you feel filled even when you are hungry. By healthy snacks I mean the snacks which you might want to eat in between your main meals. Instead of eating something oily, which contains fat and junk food always try eating something that will be healthy for you.
    Mixed nuts, dry fruits, yogurt, apple slices with peanut butter, kale chips, dark chocolate and almonds, hard boiled eggs, baby carrots and sweetcorn, beef sticks, steak, protein shake, cheese etc are some of the things which you can consume in between your work. These items are also beneficial if you always travel. It is healthier to consume them instead of buying and eating junk foods.


  1. Exercise at the same time everyday
    It has always been difficult for me to exercise everyday, either I behave lazy or just I am tired, but I don’t know sometimes we just feel to skip exercising.
    But start having an habit of exercising everyday, fix a schedule for your exercise whenever you are free. I suggest you to exercise either in the evening or in the afternoon, morning exercise is still better cause you are fresh and energetic in the morning. Also do not disrupt your schedule or keep a day off when you have decided to exercise, it could cramp up your muscles which could be painful.

How to do this 5 day challenge
This could sound a little scary to you at first but trust me it is really easy once you start adjusting. Start with the challenge which is the easiest for you, follow this for a week without disturbing the challenge. Congratulations if you could complete your first week challenge, but don’t just limit this for the first week only. The second week try another challenge and follow it for the next week, and also keep performing the first week’s challenge too.
For the first five weeks you would feel a little stressful cause you are trying something new, but after these five weeks you will feel something positive within you and it will get easier to for you to follow the schedules. Keep following this and keep doing at least some of the steps in the long run. After you start including this in your daily scheduled activities this will be an easy task for you to perform.
These five simple challenges can be proved very helpful to you if you do not miss out anything from it. Staying fit and healthy doesn’t often require something very difficult, start something and then keep going on, this is the only thing you need to do. Good luck!


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