The covid-19 outbreak has brought huge changes in everyone’s lifestyle. Not only it has impacted our normal lifestyle routines but also changed our usual environment. The Covid-19 pandemic situation has been altering every aspect of how we learn, work, live and so on. There is no doubt that it also expanded its effect on how our surrounding or especially how our home should be. Apart from the interior, space and design, cleanliness is what more important in a pandemic situation like Covid-19. This is the main reason why cleanliness technology becomes more important. As the new technology not only just keep our home clean but also sanitize our living spaces, which is considered as one of the main reasons why it has a high demand. 

Everyone is now aware of the germs and the need to keep our surroundings clean and tidy. Even some of the nation’s biggest home builders are now paying attention to this issue. Many home innovation companies are trying to innovate more sustainable cleaning devices to keep their house clean. There is an uncountable number of home utility products are available in the market to make our home a  place by keeping us away from infectious germs. 

       The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that health consciousness and cleanliness are very important to prevent us from this situation. Many people are looking for new sanitation tools to their homes. According to a survey, a larger 64 percentage of people have said that they are willing to pay more to either rent or live in homes with automated cleaning technology. Many experts say that Coronavirus will eventually end or loosen its grip on our day-to-day life but the effect it has already created on our daily life especially how we will live at home will have a lasting effect. 


  • According to a recent survey, it was found that homeowners are looking for new sanitation tools for their homes and willing to live in a home with automated cleaning technology. 
  • Homebuilders like M/I Homes and Taylor Morrison are upgrading their housing technology and innovating new housing utilities rapidly as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, currently without adding more cost to owners, which includes antimicrobial LED lighting and doorknobs, new air ventilation, and filtration systems and touchless faucets and even more technical innovations which would make our life better. 

The CEO, of Vital Vio, which is an eight-year-old company that focuses mainly on antimicrobial LED lighting says that “Everybody has the spotlight on these germ problems right now. A lot of germ issues were here before the coronavirus and, unfortunately, people are taking a harder look now at how are we really investing to make cleaner and safer places”. This technology uses visible light to change or alter the actions in the cells of the bacteria, mold, and fungi by provoking a toxic reaction within the cells that leads to death of them – but it won’t happen in humans, plants, and pets. The coronavirus pandemic has subsequently increased the concerns about air quality and the safety of home indoor spaces among the people.

Many companies and organization around the world, are trying their best to come up with new innovations to develop healthcare activities to fight the coronavirus. The new class of home utility molecular tools are being in the developing stage to increase the home cleanliness. Many home cleaning innovations are employed to detect the virus and kill them. As a result, our home will be germ-free and we will be prevented from getting infected with Covid-19. 

Vital Vio’s lighting idea spreads to various other products, like Wisconsin-based maker of residential ventilation systems, Ellumi Brand’s under-cabinet lighting, and Broan-NuTone’s antimicrobial ventilation systems. Vital Vio’s lighting not only focuses on killing the coronavirus but also concentrate on providing better air circulation and filtration that can inhibit contagion. As consumers are most concerned about creating a possible home environment rather than killing the virus.

Most of the customers are not only using a single tool to keep their house clean, in reality, but they are also using much variety of different cleaning tools or products like different light spectrums, different traditional cleaning chemicals, and things. Broan-NuTone has witnessed a considerable increase in online sales since the coronavirus pandemic has begun. So now Broan-NuTone has been stocked at Home Depot. Since the pandemic situation began, Vital Vio’s Costella says inquiries at her company are up 40-fold.

Some of the nation’s biggest and notable homebuilders are now paying attention and making a quick move on cleantech innovations. Vital Vio technology announces that soon they will be in Ohio-based M/I Homes, specifically the Brian SurfaceShield ventilation system, which is basically a room fan that incorporates Vital Vio’s antimicrobial light, thereby cleaning the air in the surrounding as it passes through. 

Another firm to start installing SurfaceShield in their new homes is Taylor Morrison. The chairman and CEO of Taylor Morrison, Sheryl Palmer says that “Consumers are consciously aware of the health benefits and perceived risks in virtually every environment they’re entering today – stores, schools, planes – so naturally, they’re just as tuned in to the health of their homes”. Arizona-based Taylor Morrison recently introduced “TM Live Well”, which is providing customers with new initiative offerings and providing in-home products for a cleaner and safer living environment. And Sheryl Palmer also mentions that, “our focus on cleaner air and water and less exposure to chemicals is only the beginning”. Not only air filtrations, in addition to that Taylor Morrison is also concentrating on installing touchless faucets from Neon to help to control the spread of germs that are harmful to health. Meon touchless faucets are one of the clean home tech innovations that are not specifically created for Covid-19, but this situation makes it more appealing now.

Another big company that is experiencing big growth is Inox, which focuses on making the antimicrobial door handles. The products of Inox are mostly sold in Asia and Europe, but now they are available on Amazon and Lowe’s websites. As more of these are also Incorporated into commercial buildings, like hotels and offices, consumers are likely to want it also for their home. 


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