So basically I hope everybody knows about many online stores and sites, and many people even buy goods and products from such places. We all do not know how the product is going to get delivered and in which condition, but some of us still buy the product. Many of the products often turn out to be damaged, broken or not in a good condition, some products even sold could be old and their colours are usually dull. We must be aware of these sites and must not use them again.
Recently it was told that Amazon could be held liable for defective products sold by them, this news are basically spread in the marketplace of California which is appealed by a court on Thursday. It mentions that if you buy a defective third-party product on amazon, it might be that Amazon is responsible. Amazon is mostly a good site with various products and good quality things but yes there could possibly be some third party sellers which would provide defective goods and maybe not a safe delivery. We all must be aware of these fraud buyers actually as it now says Amazon could be in trouble for that. It all started when a woman complaint that she suffered from third-degree burns which is a very big thing when she got a defective laptop battery she brought from a third-party seller from amazon which caused the fire. She was from California itself, and the California Fourth District Court appeals a reverse 2019 trial court by ruling and reinstated claims from her.
The situation could have turned out to be very severe and extremely serious for Amazon for which they have argued for years. The third party sellers too call themselves under the “Amazon Marketplace” even if they do not have a distinct place on Amazon which makes Amazon responsible for everything that happens, good or bad both. The third party sellers appear in the normal Amazon listings with only a small line of text at the bottom which is a tag to indicate that they are not the actual sellers of Amazon. Even though the company has been facing a lot many other different kind of lawsuits for the defective and destroyed products, the stance is been protected by Amazon from the liability of the Marketplace products.
The person who had an accident Angela Bolger said that he bad brought a replacement laptop battery on amazon from the third party seller whose company name was Lenoge Technology Ltd. Which later shipped her battery to her in the Amazon branded packaging under the main Amazon Marketplace products name. Several months passed and one day the battery exploded, Angela Bolger said that she was never notified for safely concerns that led to the E-life being banned from Amazon’s platforms.
A lower court claimed that Amazon was not covered under the product liability laws, this was claimed by a lower court that ruled back in 2019. The trial court also ruled that the Communications Decency Act would not have shielded the company from Angela Bolger’s claims under California state law.
Sometimes I feel this is the fault of Amazon too as they have been involved with fraud third party sellers like these, they should have just fired the third party sellers and the third party products they sell, only and only if the sellers have been their for a long time under the Amazon marketplace and are trustworthy then only they must be allowed to sell things like this. Or else Amazon does not need to claim them, it is just spoiling their name.
An Amazon spokesperson most likely someone who was the head or in charge of all this said in an email that “The trial court also ruled that the Communications Decency Act would not have shielded the company from Bolger’s claims under California state law. This mail was sent to the Verge that the company would appeal the decision.
In its ruling, the appeals the court said Amazon was the central to the laptop battery sale in Angela Bolger’s case. “Whatever term we use to describe Amazon’s role, be it ‘retailer,’ ‘distributor,’ or merely ‘facilitator,’ it was pivotal in bringing the product here to the consumer,” the court wrote. Amazon should be liable if a product on its website is defective, the court added.
Somehow I feel the appeal of the court is also true, Amazon must know about their third party sellers and how trustworthy they are, their products are, and must always set something for safety. Because you cannot trust anyone who is not under you. Check ups and servicing of products must be done before they are being delivered anywhere. The products should not be sent till the check up is done, and if they product does not fit under the main rules and regulations, it must be abolished or at least that company and their products must be taken down as soon as possible.
Also people should not act blindly and buy everywhere they feel is appealing. Buying costly but company products are always better than buying something which is cheaper and has a fake company label on it. Even if is a company you know, you should be confirmed that this company is trustworthy, consult friends nd family before buying anything from a third party seller as you do not know when and how such damaged products would land in to your house. Keeping yourself safe is the utmost important thing. And being beware of these fraud companies must be learnt by every individual. Whenever come across such people or companies, just do not buy any products from them, block them and report them if possible, try to take them down, try sending emails to the main person of the company, maybe they would take some action about it, and also make your close friends and families aware about this instead of any mishaps happening in the later future.


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