Health does not only mean being physically fit, well being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle involve a lot. Health is mental, physical and even emotional, it is being a whole human being. Many writers are self health bloggers, influencers and everyone gives advice about how live a healthy happy lifestyle but no one exactly knows which tips to follow. Well I suggest you to follow some small tips, which are basically the common sense principles of a healthy living

  1. Eat Well
    Eating healthy involves a lot of care. The first tip to eat well is eat in a proper balanced diet, eat wholesome foods, vegetables, fruits, pulses etc. and try to incorporate them everyday. Eat at least one milk based food cause it is very healthy. Eat on regular intervals of time and do not skip meals, eat a little but do not skip as it will disrupt your schedule. Do not eat more than required, and try limiting fats everyday. Try controlling on eating junk food, try to minimize consuming it.
  1. Be dynamic
    Being idle and just sitting around would make you gain weight which would result in tiredness, weaknesses or even diseases etc. Thus try walking at least minimum. I am not telling you to do a full workout with a professional coach and equipment used in the gym, but just go to the nearby markets walking, take your pet for a walk, do jogging, walk in the garden etc, being dynamic does not have to be being muscular and totally fit, but at least be a little fit so as you won’t be affected by diseases.
  1. Drink water
    It is very normal to forget drinking the required water in a day, but it should be followed. Drinking less water could cause many problems in your dinky lifestyle, some of which are too harmful too. Drinking water makes you feel fresh and you glow up. If you do not have a habit of drinking water, just set hourly reminders on your phone which you help you regulate the amount of water you drink everyday. To be honest drink at least half liter of water in the morning after you way up, this is the best as you have already woken up fresh thus its good for a fresh and an energetic start of the day.
  1. Get enough rest
    One of the most important factors of staying healthy. Many people who are in the age of 15-50 are often very stressful and tired all the time because of their busy job and work schedules. But taking short rest is important. Basically sleeping is very important. Try sleeping on time, by this you will be able to wake up on time. Sleeping late causes insomniac behavioral changes due to which you could stay up late almost everyday. Also try taking short naps in between your work schedule, even a 15 minute of nap could make you feel fresh rather than working sleepy.
  1. Be Happy
    Being depressed and sad cause health problems if it is long term. Try curing your sadness by travelling, meditating or by visiting a place which is soothing and calming. Stay with your family members and close ones, share them the feelings you are going through, do not let those feelings eat you up from inside. Seek out for help from relatives, friends if you are still not happy. Sometimes in a very serious case you may visit a psychiatrist cause they would help you. But the main key is communication, talk to your loved ones, this will always make you feel better.
  1. Have companions
    Having a friend to talk to and share your everyday thoughts makes you feel free. Talking about your day and many other things creates memories which a good thing for your well being. Have companions who share the same thoughts as you do, as you not cause any conflicts in the long term. Enjoying with your friends relieves any kind of stress going on in your mind as well as keep yourself healthy.
  1. Be sheltered
    Being sheltered basically means to keep yourself safe from the physical and natural happenings of nature. For example if you are travelling somewhere on a rainy day, it is advisable to carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat for not catching cold. This is just one simple example but there are many more things which you must take care of yourself.
  1. Speaking of Doctors
    While many people including me do not like visiting the doctor many times a month, but it is necessary to seek some professional help from the specialists and doctors sometimes. If you have some symptoms of anything which you may not understand, and try to consume the medicines which you have at home could cause side effects too. Thus this is always better to ask a doctor out when it is necessary.
  1. Be of service
    Self help and help happiness is good. But there is a very fine line in between self care and being selfish. Thus always be of service, help people when you find out they are in need. For example we usually find many old people on the road who fear to cross roads by their own, thus if you are busy you could just help them out. Such small things which you do for the people make them happy as well as make you a good human being. Which in turn is a good thing for well being.
  1. Cut yourself some slack
    There are so many tools out there which can help you for a healthy lifestyle and which you can use for a betterment of your health, which is actually great. But there are drawbacks too, the flip side of having so many options is that if you find yourself with persistent mental or physical health challenges anyway, you might start to think it’s your fault. But don’t do this to yourself, if you are sick, don’t be sick of being sick, if you are anxious don’t be anxious about your anxiety. Trust me it will go away some day


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